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Why do you need a salary guide?

Prepare yourself and your business to successfully hire and retain the best-fitting specialty professionals.

Get the most up-to-date salary data for your local job market and around the country, plus the latest job descriptions and industry insights—from the experts in staffing and recruiting top specialty talent. 

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What's Inside?

  • Local Salary Data

    Get professional salary numbers specific to your locale.

  • Detailed Job Descriptions

    Find out what’s expected of today’s specialty professionals.

  • Industry Insights

    Read about the latest market developments.

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What are the benefits?

  • Get to know the salary data you need to hire and retain top professionals.
  • Empower your managers with the knowledge to negotiate salaries more successfully.
  • Understand the latest specialty job descriptions and hiring trends.
  • Have more effective salary discussions and develop better staffing strategies.
"All of our hiring managers use Ajilon’s Salary Guide. We prefer they use it over any other tool to find the right salaries and job descriptions for our job candidates and employees."

HR Manager, Ajilon Client

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Use this valuable resource to gain a competitive edge in hiring, paying and retaining the very best specialty professionals—in office administration, non-clinical healthcare, HR and supply chain and logistics.

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