The most sought-after jobs are constantly changing for various reasons, including a recovering economy, businesses’ newfound willingness to invest in their workforces, regulatory factors, new technologies, an aging population and more. With these reasons, along with our own staffing data, top of mind, we formed a new list of the 10 hottest jobs in office admin, non-clinical healthcare, HR and supply chain & logistics for 2016.

Remember, as the unemployment rate declines (it’s just over 5% per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) and job candidates gain more power, your recruiting and hiring efforts will be tested. To pass the test with flying colors, your company needs to offer the right benefits, work-life balance, culture—and most importantly—salaries. While this infographic equips your hiring managers with salaries for top specialty jobs, our 2016 Salary Guide equips them with up-to-date, local salaries and job descriptions for the most comprehensive list of specialty jobs you will find, so be sure to get your free copy.

Top 10 Office and Admin Jobs Infographic

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