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Customer Success vs. Customer Service: Building the Perfect Team

Understand the differences between customer success and customer service – and how your business can hire the right customer success associates – with the help of our free whitepaper.

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Executive Summary

Companies have long relied on customer service departments to handle any customer questions or complaints. During this time of disruption across nearly every industry, that model is no longer good enough. Customers have more choices than ever before – and access to massive amounts of information – which gives them more power when making buying decisions. Ninety-six percent of unhappy customers won't complain – but ninety-one percent will leave and never return.

In order to survive, companies must not just be “reactive,” to issues or questions brought up by customers, but must be “proactive” in managing customer expectations, loyalties, future needs and wants. This new proactive customer service model, referred to as “customer success,” allows businesses to form lasting relationships with their consumers that lead to repeat business and true brand loyalty.

What will you learn from this white paper?

After reading this paper, you’ll be able to discern between customer success and customer service. You’ll also learn…

  • How to hire strategically for customer service and customer success roles.
  • How to build a blueprint for success.
  • How finding the right customer success team can impact your business.
  • How increases in revenue are directly tied to customer success experiences.

Ready to evolve your customer service model? Read our white paper.

With more customer empowerment, Mehta says customers don't care about a company's products or a sales pitch. ‘They just care about the outcomes they are going to get from your company,’ he writes. ‘Forward-thinking companies will jump on this and make customer success the new differentiator. In some cases, traditional laggards in industries can use customer success to leapfrog incumbent leaders.