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2021 Compensation and Workforce Trends Survey

We surveyed hiring decision makers across a variety of industries to determine how they are changing their hiring and compensation plans post-pandemic, and how their workforce has shifted going into the new year.

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U.S. organizations and individuals spent the early part of 2020 learning how to adapt to working in a global pandemic. As COVID-19 quickly split the American workforce into “essential” and “non-essential,” the latter had to pivot, and many had to adapt to remote working practically overnight. In one of the steepest learning curves in recent memory, stay-at-home workers had to figure out how to lead, collaborate and produce in a virtual environment.

Many people have been looking toward the post-COVID and “when this is over…” period as an opportunity to do things they once may have taken for granted. However, for many organizations that had to make sudden changes with minimal warning, there is no end date. The transformation is here and will continue – which, coming from a time of unprecedented uncertainty, is certainly positive news.

This white paper takes a look at the findings from our 2021 Compensation & Workforce Trends survey conducted in September 2020 of 1,150+ hiring decision makers in the US. In it, we cover:

  • When organizations plan to back-fill roles that were eliminated
  • What new skillsets have become essential and how to fill the gaps
  • Pros and cons of working remotely
  • Changes to bonuses, merit increases and total compensation, such as PTO and 401k matching

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