Managing a Multigenerational Workforce: Recruiting & Retention

The U.S. workforce comprises several generations—all with unique ambitions strengths and work styles. Our white paper covers each generation and helps you manage them as one productive unit.
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The Art of Hiring the Right People
The task of replacing or adding to your staff, in a timely manner, is one with the most serious of consequences. After all, hiring the wrong people takes a toll on your company – and your reputation.
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What is the Cost of a Bad Hire? Calculator & How to Avoid Turnover

Thanks to our new calculator and extensive market research, we can show you how to calculate employee turnover costs.

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Multiple Generations

What defines each generation? When did they enter the workforce?

Different Traits

What are each generation’s strengths? What makes them tick?

One Team

How do you effectively manage a team with a wide range of professionals?

What are the benefits?

You and your colleagues will learn quite a bit:

  • Which generation to hire for certain skills
  • How each values education and experience
  • What to do to reward members from each
  • How to exceed goals with a multigenerational team

There’s no one-size-fits-all guide for managing a modern workforce. There are too many different types of workers from different generations. They must complement each other and work together to thrive. Ajilon has helped us accomplish that in so many ways.

Ajilon Client HR Manager // Ajilon client since 2012

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