The Secret Workforce Report

Insights for hiring during record-low unemployment by leveraging otherwise unseen, expert talent.

The insights provided here – in partnership with Accounting Principals, Parker + Lynch, Paladin and Allison + Partners – help strategic businesses discover hidden talent to unleash potential. Get a deeper understanding of the secret workforce hiding in plain sight with the help of the results from our latest survey. We can help you look beyond the candidates you see to reach the potential you envision.

Cover of our Secret Workforce Guide.

How The Report Helps Your Business

We take pride in providing value to our partners. One way we do that is by staying informed on workforce trends and professional labor market shifts. To help guide the information included here, we asked over 1,000 employed professionals about things like salary, benefits, interviewing, job search, relocation and more. What we found is that 88% of your workforce is one good opportunity away from leaving you stranded.

By leveraging the insights provided here, you can optimize your recruitment strategies and energize your management techniques so that you can better attract, retain and engage top talent.

This report provides you with the intelligence you need by gathering information from year-over-year survey data from 2018 and 2019. 

The report will benefit you and your hiring managers in the following ways:

  • Learn about passive candidates and how you can engage them
  • Take the steps to avoid losing your best talent to the competition
  • Figure out what professionals are looking for from their employers
  • Fine tune your relocation packages
  • Identify the right raise increase to keep your people happy
  • Discover the factors that make good employees leave