Report: 2017 Holiday Hiring Trends for HR Managers

How much are hiring managers paying in holiday bonuses this year? Find this and other seasonal hiring trends in our latest report!

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What do employees want besides a pay bump?

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What’s inside the report?

We worked with Wakefield Research to conduct an online survey of 500 U.S. human resources or hiring managers. Our 2017 Holiday Bonus & Hiring Trends Report is a collection of bonus insights and hiring trends like these:

  • Bonus figures and factors to consider
  • Holiday hiring trends going into 2018
  • Hiring expectations vs. reality
  • How to help your employees’ chance of a bonus
  • Other impactful incentives for employees around the holidays

Why? What gives? Or in this case, what doesn’t give? The top reason respondents gave for not giving employees a cash bonus this year is that the company would rather give employees other perks. So what are those perks?

Is your business looking for guidance during holiday bonus season and into 2018?

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