Creating opportunities for women in supply chain and logistics

Whether you’re a company that wants to provide more SC&L jobs to women, or a professional looking to capitalize on SC&L career opportunities, this white paper is for you.
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Included in our Women in Logistics Whitepaper

By reading our white paper, you’ll learn about the following in SC&L:

  • The current state of the workforce.
  • What experts predict about the future of the workforce.
  • How companies can promote job growth for women.
  • How women can accelerate their careers.

Women in Supply Chain: Roles & Career

There are many roles and career paths in the supply chain and logistics industry. The responsibilities of supply chain and logistics roles are evolving from simply shipping packages from point A to point B to more complex skills such as operations research, supply chain engineering, statistical process control, data analysis, and simulation. Even emotional intelligence — the ability to deal with emotions and handle interpersonal relationships — is seen as an important skill in this area.

Furthermore, jobs in supply chain and logistics can pay well, and they are expected to grow by 26 percent over the next three years. It’s a great time to break into this industry or to see the types of supply chain and logistics jobs that are already out there.

There should be zero gender bias in supply chain and logistics—both from hiring companies and job candidates. More women in the talent pool—and eventually in the industry—helps close skills gaps and grow businesses.

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