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Comprehensive Verification Checks

We guarantee that every candidate is authorized—and can be trusted—to do the job.

We check at least two references for:

  • Employment dates
  • Salary
  • Technical skills
  • Reliability
  • Strengths and weaknesses

We also conduct:

  • I-9 verifications
  • Credit Checks (upon request)
  • Drug Tests (upon request)
  • Criminal Background Checks (upon request)

In-depth Interviews

These are more than just quick chats. These are lengthy interviews conducted by our staffing professionals to assess each candidate's soft skills, as well as their job skills. Many of our experts have years of industry experience, so they can get a very good idea of exactly what the candidate has to offer and how well they fit your needs.

Targeted Skills Assessments

You need to know the candidate can do the job. Whatever that job is, we have over 300 different evaluation courses available upon request that measure ability with critical software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, EHR, etc.) and essential abilities (typing speed, communication, problem solving, etc.).

Measuring candidates by more than their resume.

Measuring candidates by more than their resume.


Are they a positive, optimistic person?


Will they fit in with your team and your culture?


Do they conduct themselves properly?


Can you depend on them to do the job?


How well do they adapt to change?


Can they articulate and share ideas effectively?

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Do you know what to pay top talent?
We placed more than 14,836 candidates last year

Ajilon always respond promptly to our requests, allows us to pre-screen and interview qualified candidates and choose the person who is the best fit for our work group. The Ajilon team has a solid understanding of our business needs and corporate culture and is committed to providing us "the best".

Carol Graney Human Resources Manager // Cohen

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