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Get the right candidates and advice from our staffing professionals.

You're looking for highly skilled, professional people. Should you trust that to any staffing firm? Hmmm. Better work with a team that understands your business and the specialized people you need. A team like ours.

Hiring the right people increases your productivity. And lowers your turnover.

Work with our staffing professionals to develop your unique hiring profile, access our huge talent pool of qualified candidates, and hire people with the skills and personalities to fit right in on your team.

Let's talk about your business.

Tell us about your staffing and workforce challenges. We'll understand. That's because many of our recruiters and business development managers have actually worked in the positions they now place. They'll take the time to learn what makes your organization unique and analyze your seasonal and annual business cycles. And then they'll help you make the best decisions for your workforce today and in the future. If this sounds like the hiring solution you’ve been looking for, get in touch with us today!

Improve your time-to-hire.

Our staffing professionals can help you find the right people much sooner. So you save time. And money. And frustration. And this is how they do it:

  • Get to know your business and staffing needs
  • Actively pursue candidates for your open positions
  • Do the heavy lifting of sourcing for you

What are the real costs of a bad hire?

Making a great hire just feels good. They're happy. You're happy. Your team is happy. But, there are times when the hire just doesn't work out. And that can be costly. Maybe more costly than you think. In fact, we've put together these average costs for you to consider:

  • $120,000Your salary
  • $50,000Salary of new employee
  • 14Days to fill position
  • 4Hours reviewing resumes
  • $500Spent on advertisements
  • $500Spent on drug screening
  • 3Hours conducting interviews
  • 14Days training

Total cost of your bad hire



Browse our incredible selection of vetted candidates via our Candidate Search. It’s a database of the best expertise, right at your fingertips! And if you like what you see, we’ll quickly reach out and schedule an interview!

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If you need us to be flexible, we're okay with that.

Bring us your toughest staffing problems. Then tell us how and when you need us to solve them. We'll work the way you want to work and, if you want, we'll even suggest ways we can work together even better.

Solve urgent staffing needs

When things get hectic and you need people quickly, we can step up and take your staffing emergencies off your plate. We're just a phone call away and know where to find qualified talent ASAP.

Find the right people

Do you need temp or permanent workers? We can help you decide. Then we can help you find them. Through our pipeline of qualified candidates, we can find you the right people right away.

Get local support

With over 72 branches around the country, we're locals in your job market. Whatever market that is. We know the local talent and the competition. And we can help you find the best people first.

Let's keep it going

Your placement isn't just a one-off. We hope it will be part of a long-term relationship. Any time you need a candidate or a bit of guidance, just call us. We're always here to help.

Ajilon always respond promptly to our requests, allows us to pre-screen and interview qualified candidates and choose the person who is the best fit for our work group. The Ajilon team has a solid understanding of our business needs and corporate culture and is committed to providing us "the best".

Carol Graney Human Resources Manager // Cohen

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