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If you're like most people, you spend a lot of time at work. So, it's no wonder that every once in awhile you might not feel all that enamored with your job. After all, even the best jobs have moments that might lead an employee to question if it's the right fit for them. But, what if you find yourself dreading the start of the work week, counting down the minutes until quitting time, or taking more “personal” days than are truly necessary? It's possible you and your job may not be the perfect match.

Of course, for every person who dislikes their job, there are plenty who leap out of bed in the morning, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and eager to get to the office and start their day. How do you know which category you fit into? With eight quick questions, Ajilon Office can help you determine if you're in the right job for you – or the right job for right now – and how to make the most of either situation. So, take a few minutes to find out if you and your job are meant to be.

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Head over heels in love.

You like your job, your company and your co-workers. Luckily, you've found a career that you are passionate about.

Now that you have found a job that you love, try not to get too comfortable. Always seek out new challenges and learning opportunities – keep actively participating in your career to make sure you maintain satisfaction levels.

Set higher goals. Your job utilizes your talents, and you should develop those talents more and more. Becoming highly specialized and knowledgeable will add to the value you bring to the firm, and will ensure that you are progressing.

The passion that an employee has for their job is a huge factor in the contribution they make to the company. Quality of work just goes up when employees are engaged and enjoying themselves. Even coworkers are positively influenced if you give off good vibes about the work you're doing.

Lukewarm and unsure.

Some days you rave about the exciting projects you work on and other days you can only think about quitting. The way you feel about your job fluctuates – you're not completely happy where you are, but you can't really say that you're unhappy.

Take inventory of what makes you happy about your job and what leads to bad days. Keep in mind that there are not-so-fun tasks associated with any job and seek out ways that you can do more of what you like and remedy what you don't like.

Perhaps you love getting new projects that involve research and planning. Ask for more of those. Do you hate when you feel like you have too much going on at once? Make a list and sit down with your manager to prioritize. To keep life at work interesting, seek new challenges. Volunteer to take on a new assignment. Set attainable goals that will give you something to work towards and celebrate.

Get to know your colleagues through water cooler chats and asking for their perspective on an assignment.

Ready to play the field.

The thought of going to work fills you with dread and you're quickly losing motivation. You're not happy and that's usually a telltale sign that you need a change. If you're starting each work day with the goal of merely making it to closing time, you're not maximizing your potential.

The first step in moving on is a self-assessment. What makes you happy? What is making you unhappy? What characteristics would your ideal job possess? What about your current position is not satisfying you?

Finding job satisfaction may not even entail quitting your job. Determine if there are responsibilities or projects that you would like to take on, or if there are positions open in other departments. If your current job and company fail to intrigue you, begin looking for new opportunities. Talk to people who have jobs that interest you and begin looking at what type of openings are out there.

Refine your resume to reflect what you've accomplished and the strengths you would like to highlight.

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Ajilon checklist Characteristics of an ideal job

  • Offers opportunity to grow
  • Good relationships with coworkers
  • An encouraging and approachable boss
  • Challenging and stimulating work
  • A good fit with your talents and interests
  • Allows room for recognition

Love the work you do.

It's true that not everyone ends up in their dream job – but a lot of people do, so be sure you're taking the time to appreciate it and aren't becoming complacent. And, if the job you have now isn't everything you'd hoped it would be, take advantage of every opportunity to improve it – or find the position that's right for you. Ultimately, life is too short – and the workweek is too long – to be unhappy in your job.

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