156,000 jobs added to the economy in August

The Latest Numbers From the BLS Employment Situation Report
Jobs Reports

The Latest From the BLS Employment Report:

The Labor Department released its August jobs report on Friday morning, providing the most recent snapshot of the American economy.

The August jobs report showed an increase in total nonfarm employment by 156,000 jobs, while the unemployment rate ticked up slightly to 4.4 percent from 4.3 percent, and is expected to drop further in the coming months. The largest employment increases in August occurred in manufacturing, construction, professional and technical services, health care and mining.

The number of open positions is at an all-time high, but businesses are struggling to hire qualified workers. The last time that the labor market was this tight was around the year 2000 during the technology boom.

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Economists’ Predictions

Economists had expected employment gains of 180,000. Actual gains of 156,000 did not meet those expectations. The June report was revised down from 231,000 to 210,000 jobs, and July’s report was revised down from 209,000 to 189,000. These revisions put employment gains in June and July at 41,000 less than previously reported. However, this is not cause for alarm given the tight labor market.

This months report

Let’s break down the numbers from this month’s report.

In August, hourly wages increased by 0.03 to 26.39 per hour, following a 9 cent increase in July. This brings the year-over-year wage percentage increase to 2.5 percent. The unemployment rate saw a slight uptick to 4.4 percent.


  • $26.39 August
    • 0.03 month-over-month
    • 2.5% year-over-year
  • $26.36 July


  • 4.4% August
    • 2.3% month-over-month
  • 4.3% July

In-Depth Look: Our Industries

Let’s dive right into a look at how our industries compare to the national numbers:


  • Month-over-month change: 36,000
  • 138,000 jobs added year-over-year

Administrative and support services

  • Month-over-month change: 15,800
  • 291,300 jobs added year-over-year


  • Month-over-month change: 6,400
  • 84,600 jobs added year-over-year


  • Month-over-month change: 28,000
  • 214,000 jobs added year-over-year

Professional and business services

  • Month-over-month change: 40,000
  • 602,000 jobs added year-over-year

Transportation and warehousing

  • Month-over-month change: 1,900
  • 73,800 jobs added year-over-year

Office administrative services

  • Month-over-month change: 1,300
  • 27,900 jobs added year-over-year

Health care

  • Month-over-month change: 20,200
  • 328,400 jobs added year-over-year

The market remains hot for job seekers looking for top HR, non-clinical healthcare and supply chain and logistics positions; therefore employers will need to stay competitive. Make sure you’re paying your people the right salary and doing everything you can to recruit and retain the best talent – check out our 2018 Salary Guide.

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The Latest Numbers From the BLS Employment Situation Report
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