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This isn’t your standard professional salary calculator. It’s better than that. We get to know you a bit first to make sure you get an accurate, up-to-date salary for a specific specialty position, not some generic number for a job category.

Find out how much your salary should be.

Our job salary calculator provides salary information for a wide range of jobs, many of which Ajilon hires for.

Our up-to-date salary figures represent averages compiled in partnership with Emsi. Starting with regional estimates pulled from government data sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) which allows us to extrapolate accurate, comprehensive compensation data for positions across all industries across the nation. To supplement the data—and to provide informed estimates on niche job titles not covered in detail by the BLS—we leveraged 40 million compensation observations from Emsi’s proprietary dataset.

But there’s more to it than just getting the right salary. If pay isn’t at the top of your list, plan out other non-negotiables. Benefits and bonuses are a vital tool in driving engagement and productivity, so don’t forget to discuss these during your interview process! Talk about growth opportunities and development, ask about company culture and flexible working schedules. If you need to relocate, is the company willing to compensate you for it?

It’s important to weigh out all your options before making a career switch. At Ajilon, we’re here to help. Whether you’re trying to find the average salary of a project manager or an administrative assistant, we have the answer for you. You can use this tool for your current or future job, whichever you prefer.

Salary Calculator Industries

Ajilon’s salary calculator isn’t your generic, run of the mill calculator. Instead of providing broad salary estimations for a wide range of industries, we’ve harnessed the data we have access to in order to provide you with specific and accurate salaries for niche jobs in particular cities and experience levels. Our calculator offers salary information for jobs in the following industries:

  • Office & Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Healthcare
  • Supply Chain & Logistics

Office & Administration Salary Calculator

Whether you’re just entering the Office & Administration Industry, or you’re a seasoned employee, our calculator provides all the information you need. From Administrative Assistant and Receptionist roles to Call Center Supervisor and Front Desk Manager positions – we provide salary information for them all, specific to the location and experience level!

Human Resources Salary Calculator

The Human Resources Industry is booming! All the more reason to confirm you’re being paid accordingly. Use our calculator to view salaries in specific locations for various roles such as HR Manager, Benefits Director, Recruiting Manager, and more.

Salary Calculator for Healthcare

Healthcare is growing, and that means the Healthcare Industry is growing too. Use our calculator to discover salaries for Medical Billing, Health Information Management, Insurance Claims Examining, and many more healthcare administrative roles.

Supply Chain & Logistics Salary Calculator

Are you looking into getting into the Supply Chain & Logistics Industry? Or perhaps you’re already in the industry and want to make sure you’re receiving an appropriate salary? Look no further than Ajilon’s Salary Calculator. With data unique to specific positions, locations, and experience level, you can discover the expected salary for roles all across the USA.

So, let's see how much you should get paid.

Average Salary*
per year

*This figure, which is produced in conjunction with our salary data partner, CareerBliss, is based on total cash compensation, not base salary. Total cash compensation includes base salary plus bonuses, profit sharing and other employee earnings. The content on this page is protected by copyright. Ajilon makes no guarantees and assumes no responsibility for the content or conduct of its users.

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