Job Hunting in the Digital Age

Leveraging the web in your job search and preventing social media from hindering your efforts.

It’s a digital world.

Job hunting has changed dramatically in the past decade. Companies and job seekers alike have moved away from traditional print advertising to the Internet and its many forms of social media to find “the perfect fit.” Online resources like LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook are surging in popularity and all age groups are quickly adopting these as tools to aide in the job search process.

Though recruiters and personal relationships remain the most effective means to building your network and securing a new job, using the latest digital mediums can be a great way to supplement your search. And as HR professionals and recruiters embrace these new technologies from a recruiting perspective, knowing how to capitalize on the available digital mediums is essential to a successful job search.

If it’s on the web, it’s public!

Some of today’s savviest job seekers are using social media outlets such as MySpace (40 million unique users), Facebook and LinkedIn to get their foot in the door and become the top candidate in a search (through such practices as networking sites, blogs and video resumes). But just as using these sites can help a search, social media outlets can just as quickly harm a search — if the content on the web is deemed unprofessional.

Employers are scouring the web more and more for candidates and, thanks to the information available online, they can conduct instant background checks — most commonly by "Googling" an individual's name. Personal information on job candidates is everywhere these days — from websites and chat rooms to alumni sites and more.

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