Top 10 Hottest Professional Jobs in 2017

There are certain positions in our four specialty areas - office admin, non-clinical healthcare, HR and supply chain & logistics - that will be in high-demand in 2017. Your company's hiring and retention efforts will be put to the test.


The economy is moving close to full steam ahead. Companies are investing, unemployment is relatively low—5% overall and usually 1-2% lower for those in professional services—and job candidates can be selective with job offers. Across HR, non-clinical healthcare, supply chain and logistics, and office administration, there are 10 jobs that are in ultra high demand, and based on our staffing data, are projected to pave the way into 2017. Yes, they're that popular. So, what positions are they? What are the updated job descriptions for the professionals who occupy these spots? And what are their salaries? Take a look at our top jobs infographic for the answers.

 Top 10 Hottest Professional Jobs in 2017 Infographic

*Figures based on our own internal hiring data and salary information from CareerBliss

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