Top 10 hottest professional jobs in 2021

Here you have our insider information on the hottest upcoming jobs for 2021! If you’re interested in building a career around one of these positions, take a look at our latest job vacancies and get started.


The world of work has undergone a major transformation over the last year, and the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in employers placing increased importance on certain positions and skillsets. With American companies looking to fill positions in industries like health care, logistics, and human resources, candidates are eager to learn about the most in-demand jobs for the future.

That’s why we identified these top 10 jobs that will be in high demand across the country in 2021. Continue reading to find out more about your dream profession, from job descriptions to salary!

  1. Health Services Administrator ($40,695 – $65,114)

    Oversees a range of operations of a hospital or health-related organization. Responsibilities include ordering and maintaining a record of medical supplies, creating work calendars for employees, and keeping staff informed about policy updates.

  2. Logistics Analyst ($50,258 - $67,850)

    Helps an organization efficiently use energy, facilities, tools, material, people, and other assets to make a product or deliver a service.

  3. Call Center Representative ($25,623 - $35,304)

    Takes customer calls and provides accurate, satisfactory answers to their queries and concerns. Helps improve satisfaction and retention with dissatisfied clients.

  4. Medical Customer Service Representative ($23,002 - $63,323)

    Resolves client queries and directs them to services for specialized assistance from medical professionals. Has a good understanding of concepts, practices, and procedures in the health care industry.

  5. Benefits Administrator ($43,231 - $54,310)

    Develops and manages employee benefits programs including medical insurance, retirement plans, wellness initiatives, and leave policies. Communicates with company management and benefits vendors.

  6. Customer Service Manager ($63,361 - $88,456)

    Supervises customer service teams, trains staff members to provide effective customer service, and ensures that all company policies are implemented correctly. May also resolve complex customer inquiries and problems.

  7. Supply Chain Specialist ($66,946 - $68,364)

    Provides support for supply chain processes and produces inventory reports for both internal and external customers based on supply forecast trends.

  8. Contact Tracer ($26,170 – $45,650)

    Reaches out to people that have tested positive for a disease or infection and asks them to identify other people that they’ve been in contact with. Reduces the risk of infection throughout an organization by tracing infection networks and helping health professionals contain outbreaks.

  9. Transportation Manager ($60,324 - $78,398)

    Manages and coordinates movement of goods throughout a transportation network. Oversees tracking of shipments to resolve problems and ensure timely and secure deliveries.

  10. Project Manager ($56,336 - $75,391)

    Responsible for leading projects from ideation through to delivery and ensures tasks are carried out on time and within budget limits. Interacts with internal and external stakeholders, usually managing multiple large projects at the same time.

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