Aspire Academy

Take Your Career to the Next Level with the Aspire Academy!

We are proud to partner with Penn Foster to launch the Aspire Academy.

What is the Aspire Academy?

We are proud to partner with leading online skills training provider Penn Foster to launch the Aspire Academy, a fully sponsored online training program funded by the Adecco Group US Foundation, that allows eligible Ajilon candidates and associates to learn new skills online at no cost to them.

Take control of your future and pursue new career advancement opportunities by learning invaluable personal and professional skills that will help take your career to the next level. By enrolling in the Aspire Academy, you’ll be able to learn on your own time and at your pace-for free!

Who is Eligible for the Aspire Academy?

To be eligible to enroll in one of the 10+ programs available through the Aspire Academy, you must:

  • Complete an interview with an Ajilon recruiter
  • Remain active in our candidate and associate database
  • Check in with your Ajilon recruiter at least 1x every 6 months

Online Learning with the Aspire Academy

  • You can learn anytime, anywhere with a mobile-friendly platform

  • Academic and motivational support to help learners achieve success

  • Self-paced curriculum offers flexibility to learn at a comfortable speed

  • 10+ programs available across a variety of career paths

10+ Pathways Designed to Help Elevate Your Skillset

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Program Disclaimer

  • The purpose of the Academy is to offer courses that will teach you new skills for your next career move.
  • Courses must be taken outside of your work schedule.
  • The Academy offers short form and long form courses and all are designed to be completed within a year – moving at a pace that is comfortable for you!
  • This is totally voluntary! Participation in the Aspire Academy is not mandatory nor is it a requirement for placement, and you will not be paid for your time.